For Men To Talk… and Walk on ITV Anglia

Here it is! For Men To Talk… and Walk video shown on ITV Anglia. 

You will see interviews, at Jones’ Café Bar and Jordans Mill, with our founder Luke Newman and a few of the men who were promoting the mental and physical health benefits of walking and talking 

It happened so quickly! ITV Anglia’s ‘On Screen Journalist’ Callum Fairhurst contacted Luke on the Friday, two days before the ‘For Men To Talk… and Walk’ on Sunday 9 January 2022 and asked if himself and Anglia News could interview and film the attendees.

Luke absolutely accepted. We are always looking to publicise ‘For Men To Talk’ and the group meetings, either physical, virtual and the walking events. We want as many men to know that they aren’t alone and people are out there to help.

‘For Men To Talk’ is a Community Interest Company (CIC), a company that has a benefit to the community. In 2020, there were 6.3 millions residents in the East of England region. We know that not all those residents will tune into Anglia News on that specific date and time, but hopefully enough people will see that we are certainly a benefit to those men who attend our meetings and justify our company’s status.

Come Sunday, everything was simple but effective to film. Callum arrived with a microphone, camera, light and tripod in hand and interviewed Luke and Steve Whitney in Jones’ Café Bar about the group and what we are trying to achieve.

We treated the walk like normal, men walking the Biggleswade Green Wheel, a walking and cycling route around the town, passing through areas of landscape, heritage and wildlife interest, talking about how they are feeling and what they are going through. But this time we had an ITV Anglia News cameraman following us!

Half-way through our 90 minute walk, we reached Jordans Mill, with the historic Victorian Mill and Riverside Café, which overlooks the stunning views of the River Ivel, it was the perfect setting for Callum to complete his interviews and filming. The men were so honest on the benefits on not only talking about how they were feeling, but also exercising.

As we walked our final steps of the Green Wheel and reached our final destination of Jones’ Café Bar, the men were extremely proud of themselves, and quite rightly, that they were not only promoting ‘For Men To Talk’ in general, but the message the group brings across, that men are not alone in their mental health journey and that there are other men here to support you. This time, the whole of East Anglia will know about it too!

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