East Anglia Scale Trail Huge Success to ‘For Men To Talk’

Doing something you enjoy is extremely important to your mental health, it is a great way to spend your spare time and unwind from your daily routine. Especially in the financial crisis that we are currently in and perhaps the way it is going to go too.

Spending time on an activity that you enjoy can improve your mental health and wellbeing. Research shows that people with hobbies are less likely to suffer from stress, low mood, and depression. Group activities like team sports can improve your communication skills and relationships with others.

Paul Baker from East Anglia Scale Trail contacted ‘For Men To Talk’ a few weeks ago and confirmed that EAST were putting on a remote control car event. After researching local mental health groups in the area, Paul recognised the work that we are doing and wanted to use the event to kindly donate all the profits to us.

EAST held a family event at Tixover Quarry in Stamford on Sunday 26 June 2022, a 70-acre disused sandstone quarry. It’s set in the lovely rolling countryside of the Northants and Leicestershire border close to Stamford, Corby, Leicester and Peterborough.

The Tixover site is widely renowned to be one of the UK’s leading off-road sites, which it is ideal for remote control cars. It has impressive terrain such as steep hills and descents, technical training section, visual displays, mud and water, slopes and wading sections.

‘For Men To Talk’ asked for feedback from the participates on what the event meant to them and in some cases, for their mental health. Some of them included:

“Getting out with friends. Having a good laugh. Enjoying the outdoors. Meeting new people who enjoy the same hobby and interests.”

“Meeting old friends, making new friends. Having a laugh with what we are doing. Drinking coffee, chatting, bashing, crawling. It was a great day and a stress reliever.  As men, we do suffer and it’s great to talk about them. I had a really dramatic couple of years and I’m very thankful to those friends for listening to me.”

“Care free walking and talking with friends new and old, while playing with the toys we built. One of the best ways for me to unwind from daily life.”

“I nearly didn’t turn up, I just didn’t think I could deal with everyone. I had a bad week due to the stress of work and family and with the lack of sleep, it all just got too much. I plucked up the courage to attend and I’m so glad that I did. I received a huge cuddle from my friend Sean, which made me emotional but so happy and it made me realise that I need to be with the right people and talk about how I’m feeling when I’m feeling low.”

East Anglia Scale Trail raised an incredible total of £1,000 for ‘For Men To Talk’ and we can’t thank them all enough for their kind donation.

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