Can you help get ‘The Mental Health Moles’ to children in Kenya?

‘For Men To Talk’ founder Luke Newman returns for his 7th trip to Nakuru in Kenya volunteering with Derby County Community Trust & African Adventures in May 2022.

With living in a deprived environment, with no clean water and electricity and little food and water, it must be a huge burden on mental health.

Valentine, founder and headteacher at West End Destiny Academy is asking for books. Luke would like to take 50 copies of his book ‘The Mental Health Moles‘ to try and comfort the young children of ‘West End Academy’. That’s just £3 per book!

The book sees the moles have 52 discussions, filled with advice about mental health topics, such as anxiety, depression, grief, social media, stress, sleep and many more. They are accompanied with brightly coloured and boldly drawn illustrations.

To do that, he needs to raise £150 for the print of the books. Are you able to help him reach that total? If so, please donate at: Fundraiser by Luke Newman : ‘The Mental Health Moles’ for children in Kenya

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