Our Founder in Kenya – 2022

Saturday 28 May 2022

With a two-day weekend break, brings another issue that I need to work on. Everyone deserves a break after working hard for five days. I’m an office worker by trade and after a week of manual labour, I feel like my body needs to rest, ready for another five days of hard work. However, my head is full of guilt as I want to continue working at the school and complete the work that we are committing to do. However, I need to realise that I can’t commit myself to every minute, of every day, in helping at the school. Just like construction industry workers at home, we must allow our bodies to recover from the work we have already achieved.

Lake Nakuru is Kenya’s most popular national park. The park’s main feature is a large, shallow lake supporting great birdlife, including big flocks of pelicans and variable flocks of flamingos. It’s something that I look forward to ever year. I love seeing animals in their natural habitat.

This year was extra special. We got to see many of the incredible animals that the park is home to. We saw lions, rhinos, both black and white, giraffes and hippopotamus’. All a favourite of mine. It’s just a truly special place to visit. 

The lions especially are wonderful to see. I’ve only seen one lion a couple of times before. But on this occasion, we saw three. Two females lying on a tree and another further into our journey.  The park has seen an increase in the lion population over the last few years, especially during the covid pandemic, which is just incredible. 

Nyahururu Falls, also known as Thomson’s Falls, is a 74 metres waterfall on the Ewaso Ng’iro river in Central Rift Valley Kenya, a few kilometres from Lake Ol Bolossat, which drains from the Aberdare Range.

It was named after Joseph Thomson, who was a Scottish geologist and naturalist who became the first European to walk from Mombasa to Lake Victoria in the early 1880s.

You have to walk up and down the natural steep steps to reach underneath the waterfall. It is a stunning site. However, since my last visit three years ago, my knees have deteriorated quite badly and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to complete the walk. So I didn’t join the other volunteers. It is upsetting, but I am understanding my limitations of what I can and can’t do now. A sign of getting older but also something that needs to be discussed with professionals to see if my knees can be improved. 

We finished the day by watching the football Champions League Final, between Liverpool and Real Madrid. As a Liverpool fan, I was upset by the score, as we lost, so we will leave that there.