Our Founder in Kenya – 2022

Thursday 26 May 2022

Today was like a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ sort of a day. It went so quickly. 

With the impending Madaraka Day coming up on Wednesday 1 June, this coming weekend is a bank holiday and many are already coming home ready for it. This meant that there was many traffic jams to and from West End Academy. It gave us the opportunity to see the local community and the people. 

As this is my seventh visit to Nakuru, I’ve noticed every time that no matter how poor families are here, the women are very proud of their hair. Most have immaculate hair styles that look like they were achieved by London city based hairdressers. It’s not just the style either, it’s the colour that they choose that is stunning. 

When we arrived at West End Academy, it was straight to work completing the framework to the kitchen. You have to remember that we have no power tools here. By the end of the day, everything is measured via a tape measure and cut using a handsaw. The upright structures, all 11 of them, have now all been placed, cemented and are very secure and all the other 28 smaller pieces are ready to be nailed in place tomorrow. Valentine, the headmistress, is delighted by our progress and looking forward to seeing it completed.

The cement for the footings of the two storey classroom is continuing very well. As per above, we have no cement mixer, so it’s all down via hand and shovel!

We continued our giving of fruit to the children at the end of school day, this time it was bananas. But as an extra treat, we gave them red noses that have kindly been donated by Sainsbury’s in Biggleswade. They love them so much and found them hilarious. Many photos were taken of them wearing them and shown to the kids, much to their delight.

Let’s get this framework completed tomorrow!