Our Founder in Kenya – 2022


Thank you for following my humanitarian trip to Nakuru in Kenya with Derby County Community Trust and African Adventures. It was again a massive success. We were able to achieve the following at West End Academy: 

  • Relocated and built new kitchen  
  • Installed sink with running water into the kitchen  
  • Dug out footings, laid floor and began to build new two storey classroom  
  • Painted interior of three classrooms  
  • Built and installed new playground equipment for the school  
  • Donated sports playground equipment  
  • Bought new cups, bowls and spoons for students at lunchtime  
  • Provided the school cook with new cooking utensils  
  • Taught in classrooms, sharing knowledge with teachers  
  • Provided paint and clay, and demonstrated how these can be used with teachers and pupils  
  • Provided teachers packs of stationery for the classroom  
  • Each child received a backpack, full new outfit, pencil case filled with stationery and two cuddly toys 
  • Pupils in need of new footwear received shoes or trainers  
  • Visited five children’s homes and provided them with essential food items for the home  
  • Bought ingredients and cooked a meal for pupils, staff and builders  
  • Left behind water colour paints and brushes to support older pupils with skills in preparation for exams 
  • Gave sewing threads, needles and material to director for enrichment opportunity for older pupils  
  • Donated a small sample of reading books to keep at school with the prospect of having a school library next year  
  • Discussions held with a minister of education of next steps for the school  
  • Made positive and lasting relationships with the school staff and its pupils 
  • I personally shared my book ‘The Mental Health Moles’ about promoting and supporting mental health. 

Here is the story of West End Academy’s kitchen from start to finish.

Thanks to a GoFundMe campaign, I took 50 copies of The Mental Health Moles with me. Here are some photos, as well as two Kenyan schoolchildren reading the book and understanding mental health a little more.

I will be returning in May 2023 for my eighth trip and have to raise over £2500. Every volunteer has to raise that amount to cover costs such as flights and accommodation, but also for the equipment and supplies whilst we are there. A portion also goes to the disability programme at Derby County Community Trust. To donate, please visit https://www.justgiving.com/NewmanLucas2023

If you are interested in volunteering in 2023, please visit: https://www.derbycountycommunitytrust.com/fundraising-and-events/rams-kenya