Our Founder in Kenya – 2022

Tuesday 31 May 2022

In our final stretch on the completion of the kitchen, we continued placing corrugated metal sheets around it, until we run out! So, we placed and cemented two wooden posts that the serving hatch will be able to be placed upon when lunches are ready to be issued to the children. The kitchen is looking amazing and I’m really proud of our achievements. I showed a young student it today and in her own words said “it looks beautiful”, which is all the feedback we need!

I can say the same for the double storey classroom, the foundations are now finished and cementing the ground floor has started. The volunteers are continuing to mix cement, which by hand, is a really tough thing to do.

The day was cut short by our visit to the Walk Centre School and the Dump. The Walk Centre School is a superb school that has been funded by African Adventures with help from the communities that they attract to help. It is a double storey school which encourages children from the local area, especially the Dump to attend and learn. 

I was able to meet Maureen, who has had severe hearing difficulties all her life. After receiving hearing aids three weeks ago, she is now learning to speak and hear. A beautiful girl, with a beautiful story to hopefully improve her life, with the help of African Adventures supporters. My Dad, Steve and volunteer Nikki, were able to show their hearing aids to her, which may help her to not feel alone.

The Dump is always heartbreaking, but even more so now. It has easily doubled in size since our last visit and 10,000 people now call it home, living in make shift homes, searching for bottles and steel to sell to feed themselves. This year we even saw men and women searching for broken shoes and trainers, so that they can be repaired and sold.

The children, some toddlers, are walking around in bare feet, surrounded by pigs, dogs and even pelicans, surrounded by flies.

For me, this is the time that I feel worthless. When we are working at West End Academy, I feel that I am contributing to the children by building for a better future. I’m helping them to be able to learn better and to give them a kitchen, where food can be provided. At The Dump, there is absolutely nothing I do, apart from purchasing homemade items from them, to make it any better for them.

The day is now finished, but I sit here feeling numb from the past few hours and hard to comprehend and understand what it is like on a daily basis for those poor people.