Our Founder in Kenya – 2018

30 May 2018

Day 8 at Mama Kerry School in Nakuru, Kenya. The kitchen and classroom are very close to being finished. They are looking great. The women volunteers also handed out bras and feminine products, valuable items for the girls at the school.

When you spend a week looking after a beautiful girl called Damaries, giving her extra food and water, because she looked so poorly, to finally getting this amazing smile! It makes your heart melt!

This. Just this. ‘This’ is the difference we make out here. Yes we build and teach and play. But sometimes all we do is spot the child who needs a bit of extra help and we have the time to do it. Luke brought little Damaries to me on day four. She was covered in flies, dazed and disoriented. Once I’d checked her over with a teacher to exclude a wound or injury I was fairly sure she was dehydrated and had a chest infection. We also found out that her dad had died recently. She is no more than 4, probably nearer to 3. She has been mute since we got here and has never smiled. This is what time, care, daily extra water and food, and lots of cuddles from Luke and Effie have done in 7 days.