Our Founder in Kenya – 2017

1 June 2017

You can never get over seeing dirty river water being used for different ways of life. I have seen it my previous visits and have seen it again today. Seeing mothers clean their clothes, whilst their children are either washing themselves or collection drinking water and men washing their motorbikes all in the same area is horrifying to see and thinking of the diseases.

Today’s task at St.Trizah School was to start plastering one classroom. This involved once again making cement. We would then use a trowel and throw the cement at the walls! This was something that I have not seen before, but it was great fun and took out some anger inside.

During the afternoon, we played baseball with the children. Under the guidance of Lauren, she explained the rules to the children, who caught on very quickly. It was great fun with lots of laughter. I stopped some of the children from getting to 4th base by holding them back, all in jest though! Today was Independence Day in Kenya, so a lot of the children were missing from school. Some of the street kids came into the school and joined it. It was great.

Another Lauren in our group gave out fidget spinners to a few children. They hadn’t seen anything like it before and thoroughly enjoyed them. Spinning them round and round and then trying to balance them on a finger.

Near the end of the day, we started to help the builders place the corrugated sheets the roof of the nursery. The Kenyan builders are amazing to adapt to surroundings and challenges. You have to remember that there are very few, if none, health and safety regulations. So a lot of the time they are working in bare feet, with no safety harnesses or hard hats in site! The two workmen climbed on top of the roof, tangling off the wooden roof! Crazy!

After the working day had finished, we went to the supermarket. But instead of our normal bus taken us back to the resort afterwards, Reece and I took a Tuk-Tuk. If you don’t know what a Tuk-Tuk is, it’s like a motorcycle version of a taxi!

After our fundraising for Clifford, a Justgiving page has been set up. This gives people back in England the opportunity to donate to Clifford’s operation and aftercare. So far we have raised an incredible £1500. So thank you.

A good day. Donation day tomorrow!