Our Founder in Kenya – 2017

31 May 2017

The word for the day is ouch! Our job was to make cement for the two classrooms, involving once again pushing the heavy wheelbarrows through obstacles, including a ramp and over the large step to the doorways. This was also in the blistering heat! Two people would level out the floor to make it smooth. A great team effort by the exhausted volunteers. Kenyans don’t have cement mixers, so it’s all done by shovels and water!

As we were about to leave, a little girl came over to me with a beaming smile. It was Ava! I met Ava on my very first trip three years ago. She was the first child to sit on my lap during the welcome celebration. She can now speak English and was talking to me fluently. These are the kind of moments that returning volunteers love. Seeing the children growing up and still remembering you. These are the moments that when you are feeling exhausted gives you a massive boost.

We also heard of a little lad called Clifford. He had an accident and was hit by a car. Although he was admitted to hospital, he couldn’t afford to stay for treatment and now his left leg has unfortunately got to be amputated as he has a very bad infection.

Although he smiles through the pain, if something is not done, this little boy will die from the infection. All the volunteers in Kenya have donated together £700 for the operation, £1300 short of the £2000 required just for the op. This doesn’t include aftercare.