Our Founder in Kenya – 2017

30 May 2017

Our first full day at St. Trizah School to continue building classrooms that have already been started to construct. It looks like we have to try and complete two school children classrooms and one nursery.

The team of 29 volunteers drifted off to teach, build and play. This included my son Reece and 12 year old nephew Max who played in the playground and PE lessons with the Kenyan children.

Our first job as builders was to level two classroom floors by shifting rubble via shovels and wheelbarrows. Although this may seem easy to some, we had to push the heavy wheelbarrows through obstacles, including a ramp and over the large step to the doorways. After hours of blood, sweat and blisters, the classroom floors were now level ready for cementing the following day. We also helped to construct and place the roof, ready for the corrugated sheets to be placed on them.

I also helped a task that I haven’t tried in my four trips and that was handing out lunches to the students. As mentioned yesterday the foot portions have increased significantly. When the cook passed me the food, the plates and tubs were scorching hot! It burnt my arm! But the children eat this food almost immediately are being given it with their hands! But they just don’t feel it!

A busy first building day.