Our Founder in Kenya – 2016

1 June 2016

Today (Wednesday) was Independence Day in Kenya. As a sign of the growth of Nakuru and for the first time in their 53 year history, the celebration ceremony hosted by the President was held at the local football ground, which is a few hundred yards down the road from Kivu Resort, where we are staying. Unfortunately security insisted that due to safety, we would remain in our resort all day. Devastated. A day without going to St. Trizah’s School. But I fully understand and respect their decision.

Coincidently our shipment of YOUR donations of clothes etc arrived in the morning. So we have moved all the items to a giant room in our resort ready for them to be distributed to three schools including St. Trizah’s.

Currently African Adventures are hosting Kent College in Nakuru, they are doing volunteer work in another school. They asked for a football match behind the resort and obviously we accepted. After a 30 minute match, we won 2-0, myself scoring 1. Happy with that!

At 6.30 we were due for our dinner, provided by our resort. However as our match with Kent was finishing, a tribe of Masai Warriors interrupted us. Yes MASAI WARRIORS, in full headgear, outfit, jewellery and spears. We thought that they needed the land for practicing for further celebrations of Independence Day. We were wrong! They wanted a match!

So off came the headgear etc and they were ready! We teamed with Kent College to make one team against the Warriors! Again, after a 30 minute match, we won 4-2, myself scoring 2 goals. Although they lost, the Masai Warriors were amazing, a good set of men who enjoyed playing football. Although I am biased, because I love the sport, football is a universal game that brings people together. They couldn’t speak English and we couldn’t speak their tribe language, but football was the communication. This was an amazing experience that I will NEVER EVER forget. It was very emotional. Before we both left, the Warriors performed their tribal dance and we joined in with them.

Now, I’m ready for tomorrow and returning to St. Trizah’s School to continue building the classrooms.