Our Founder in Kenya – 2014

2 June 2014

A tough but amazing day on Monday. All the clothes, shoes and glasses were distributed to the children of St.Trizah’s School. The teachers helped us, they picked a shirt, trousers/skirt and shoes for the boys and girls. No matter what colour or what pattern, they were given what fitted them. This was hard to watch, it was like Christmas for them. Although it gave me great satisfaction and pride to see them with their new clothes, it broke my heart knowing that they depend on days like this. I had to leave the room for a while for a cry and to compose myself.

Later in the day we walked to the slums where some of the students live. Itook rice, bread and salt to the first family. The house consisted of two very small and dark rooms for two adults and six children. The adults sleep in a single bed and the six children sleep in the other on two park benches. The Mum of the family is currently in hospital and it is not known if she will make it. Although I am not a full Christian believer, I did join in with a prayer for the Mum’s recovery to show respect to the family.

During our other visits to the student homes, I made balloons for the children coming to see us. I also jumped up and down with a big group who were gleaming with big smiles.