Our Founder in Kenya – 2014

31 May 2014

Today is a half day. We went to St Trizah’s first, there I saw Eva, with her gleaming smily welcoming me. We then head off to the new site to continue the build. On the way there, we gave out balloons, football posters and cars, aeroplanes etc to the Nakura children, I have some amazing photos of delighted kids! We also blew loads of bubbles. A lasting site of approximately 100 children running behind the bus as we left will never ever be forgotten.

After finishing at the new site at 12pm we headed back to St.Trizah’s, where again I saw Eva, but also James and the 400 other kids. We ended up playing a great game of football, full of laughter and great spirits.

In the second half of the afternoon, we headed into Nakura town centre and visited the shops and market. Wow what a sight, sellers pleading for you to look at their items and buy. As we were the only white people in the town, we were looked at constantly by everyone, but were welcomed with ‘Jambo’ and ‘how are you’.

I have just finished a burger and chips at a Nakura local restaurant, after living off rice and peas for 6 days, I feel fully stuffed and also very, very guilty that I am having this and the children at the school probably don’t even know what this meal is. I honestly wish that I hadn’t had this meal.

Tomorrow is a day off and we are off to safari, a lifetimes ambition about to be fulfilled, however I would love to be the kids.