‘For Men To Talk’ Appoints Board of Directors

As a Community Interest Company, ‘For Men To Talk’ has a commitment to be a benefit to the community, with a particular focus on supporting men’s mental health. As the company grows to fulfil its social purpose to help as many men as possible, it needs to grow internally too.

Today Luke Newman, the founder of ‘For Men To Talk’, is honoured to announce that he has put in place a ‘Board of Directors’.

“The board will discuss and advise on key strategic and operational decisions”, said Luke. “It will also ensure that the company meets its statutory obligations. I have appointed three Non-Executive Directors, each with amazing personal qualities to help me and ‘For Men To Talk’ to reach our full potential. With this newly appointed strong leadership, I am excited about what the future will bring.”

The Appointed Non-Executive Directors are:

James Dunn, who works in a fast-paced, high-performing role in London. He is an advocate of talking and listening about the topic of men’s mental health and has been an attendee of the ‘For Men To Talk’ group meetings since they were founded.

Ian Payne, recognises the importance of communication and counselling from his own mental health experiences, as well as the experience of others. He is a strong advocate of looking after ourselves both physically and mentally.

Justin Leigh is a highly experienced Business Leader & Executive Coach with over twenty-five years’ experience in sales and leadership. Justin has founded the Cambridgeshire branch of a charitable group ‘Walk & Talk 4 Men’. Just is a passionate supporter of men’s mental health and is proud to help men find the help they need, when they need it.

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